Scent Bullets

***Patent Pending***

Say Goodbye to Messy Scents with the Scent Bullet™ - The Simple and Effective Solution for Long-Lasting Aroma!

The Scent Bullet™ is a revolutionary floating cavity that holds your favorite scent for hours, keeping your rig smelling fresh and enticing to fish. Refillable and easy to use, the Scent Bullet™ is the perfect solution for eliminating the hassle of messy scents.

Using the Scent Bullet™ is a breeze. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Pull the Scent Bullet™ apart
  2. Fill the cavity with your favorite scent (gel scent works best for longer-lasting aroma)
  3. Put the Scent Bullet™ back together
  4. Continue fishing and enjoy the long-lasting aroma.

With the Scent Bullet™, you can say goodbye to the frustration of reapplying scent over and over again. The Scent Bullet™ floats without affecting the presentation of your rig, and comes apart in two pieces for easy filling and cleaning.

The Scent Bullet™ is perfect for a wide range of fishing styles and species, including Walleye, Sockeye, Salmon, Trout, and more. Choose from the Handmade Scent Bullet™ Spinner or the 2-pack options to make your own rig the way you want!

Experience the difference with the Scent Bullet™ - the simple and effective solution for long-lasting aroma.