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Custom Sockeye Salmon Rigs

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Sockeye Pre-Rigged Leader for Bank Fishing or trolling on Columbia River

Always wanted to catch a Sockeye Salmon, but not sure how to rig your leader lines?  Don't have time? or you want to give am avid angler a cool gift?!

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to get started.This is a perfect kit if you are just getting started chasing sockeyeWith this starter kit, you will be able to test which rig you like and stay fishing on the water. 

Included in the bank kit:  Each rig is ties with 15# mono, 18" long, 1/O hook tied to a #6 treble hook, Bobber float, and a 3 way swivel to connect your 2oz - 5oz weight (Not included) to your main line.Each kit is rigged and ready to connect to your main line.

 Sockeye Slayer: 

include 25# mono unless otherwise requested. 1/0 sickle hooks with egg loop knots. 

The rigs are custom order. Please allow 2-3 days to fulfill order before shipped to your door. If you live in Tri-Cities and want to forego shipping, Pick up is available