Steelhead Candy Tube Flies 3 pack

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  • Originally designed to use smaller hooks and help reduce inquiry to fish.
  • Tube flies allow you to use different hooks depending on conditions.
  • These flies also help reduce the possibility of snags when compared to similar patterns.
  • Best fished with a sinking tip.
  • To attach fly run your leader or tippet through the tube of the fly, and attach a hook to the other end.


How to use tube flies:

simply slide the tube fly onto your leader line, attach  connecting tube to your hook end then slide the tube fly to the other end.

When you want to change colors of the tube fly. Detach it from the clear connector and reattach another color tube fly! 

packages of 3 and 5 available. 

these are custom made so please allow some time for your order to be fulfilled !